Unmanned Air Vehicles

There exist various ways to monitor the territory. They used to be bulky and inefficient. But today professionals have equipment which has proved its merits in military and antiterrorist aims. This equipment includes unmanned air vehicles developed to monitor the territory from a certain altitude almost without human participation.

UAS (Unmanned aircraft systems) have only recently been introduced into scientific and common practice. Their operating principle is the following: the air vehicle records definite conditions from the air thanks do the in-built camera and a series of sensors. As for the man, he only controls the movement and sets a certain task from the ground using the operation panel. The choice of an unmanned air vehicle depends on a number of factors: range of action, number and specifics of cameras and sensors, endurance, dimensions and simplicity of operation.

An unmanned air system can either be a standard one or developed by Sorokoput engineers to perform specific tasks. Unmanned air systems have proved to be of great use for research groups, nature reserves, environmental organizations and private customers who might need to monitor vast territories.