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Time is not standing still, and things that yesterday used to be an unattainable hi-tech are good and reliable classics today.
What are we talking about? It's simple — we're glad to present you fully renewed line of trail cameras in glorious Seelock family. We shall admit the fact, that Seelock S358, which was announced earlier this year, became the absolute leader among the 3G-supported cameras in Russia.
And now, the most technically complete model has its «younger» brothers — Seelock S328 and Seelock S308. Both cameras have the same advanced specifications as the elder S358, but they are simplified in some functional abilities, which are not required by every user. For easier understanding their differences just look back few years ago at 100th Seelock series — S128 and S108. New S308 as well as the previous S108 has no GSM module and is intended for places with no cellular signal or/and if sending images via e-mail/MMS is not necessary. Same as S128, camera S328 has GSM module that works in 2G. This model is perfect for those, who are not worried about the speed of picture transmitting and users who don't require immediate video reports from the place of action. And of course, you will save your money, which you could spend later for good power elements or protective cover for your camera.
You might have a reasonable question, what is so new about 300th series comparing to the predecessors? In models of 2017 year the manufacturer has made a blink to all those renovations and improvements, that were first embodied in Seelock S358, so they are now inherited by its «younger» brothers. Seelock trail cameras has now the following specifications:
  1. Models equipped with GSM module are now sending pictures with additional information about camera status in each e-mail message. This info contains:
    • battery charge level
    • the level of cellular signal
    • outdoor temperature
    • date of photography
    • the quantity of pictures on SD-card and remaining memory space
  2. The real triggering speed is 0,6 second. This number is aquired by true field tests and is not just a «marketing» trick.
  3. Really low energy consumption, which will allow you to forget about frequent battery changing and big storage batteries. Working current is only 100 Microamperes! This is lower than Bushnell!
  4. Altered design. Camouflage coloring, that fits Russian regions. Frosted Fresnel lens and shielding cover on IR-diode panel make camera less perceptible.
  5. New camera lens. Enlightened optics with 60 degrees viewing angle makes fine sharp photos.
  6. Unique photo processing algorithm allows to make unsurpassed night pictures.
  7. Complete FullHD video support.
Traditionally new cameras are already available for Russian customers. Ask Seelock trail cameras at your technique provider!