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Sorokoput is one of the first (and for a number of manufactures is the only one) official supplier of trail cameras in Russia. Five years ago, we have realized the need to organize and legalize the wildlife cameras market and now it's more than three years since we have started working in this field by devoting a whole new department in the company's business. Many see the results of our efforts – with the help of Sorokoput's experts the manufacturers Russified such camera traps as Scoutguard, Bolyguard, LTL-Acorn, Seelock, Spromise, made Russian-language instructions available to every user; we publish analytical materials and test results on camera traps, opened a service center to repair such equipment.
About a year ago we have reached the next stage of doing business and proposed our idea to one of the world's leading manufacturers – Bolymedia. By the end of 2015, we have got the first samples, and in this January successfully completed testing of the new camera traps; and we are pleased to present the result of the collaborative effort between Sorokoput and Bolymedia – new birdwatching camera.
There will be two models:
Scoutguard SG570-BW with a 40-cm focal length and Scoutguard SG562-BW with a variable focus, sound video recording, and shooting scheduling functions.

new birdwatching camera from Bolymedia

The first camera is designed primarily for environmental education and promoted as a family camera – SG570-BW can be installed in close proximity to the bird feeders to take unique clear pictures of birds at any time of day or night. The camera has a special color that does not scare away birds and very well fit into the landscape of an infield. The external control panel with LCD display will help you to configure the camera and preview the pictures. This camera trap is supplied either as is or as a ready-made bird feeder camera, which can be installed near your home.

Another, more advanced camera model, was projected as a research tool for shooting birds in their natural habitat. SG562-BW can be placed at a distance of 0,6-1,5 meters from a nest. At the moment it is the most advanced bird camera trap in the world and we hope that it will appeal to all bird watchers. One of the SG562-BW features we'd like to highlight is a special lens with a proprietary dual-focus technology. Through the lens, you can fine-tune the focus point, depending on the distance to the bird's nest, and not only. Its subject can be other animals and even plants. The camera's shooting scheduling option gives a unique chance to capture the long-term processes of vegetation and any other processes that the PIR sensor is not able to respond to. This camera trap can capture a photo or an HD-video with sound as well as to take photo and video at the same time.

At the end of January, during a training organized by the Sikhote-Alin Nature Reserve, we announced our new product to the specialists working in Russian protected areas and presented the hosts with ScoutGuard SG570-BW camera trap.

We are very glad that Russia's first instance of bird-watching camera will be operated on the protected area and please their owners with unique shots of the coast-land feathered inhabitants.

 Birdwatching cameras are waiting for the first lucky customers, although their number is limited. If you failed to buy the first instances, please, leave an application and we will inform about availability of the camera traps in our shop. The new lot of cameras for birdwatchers is already in production and will arrive in Russia not later than the end of May.