Renewable Energy Sources

Solar Energy

Solar energy is one of the most popular trends in alternative energy resources. It is widely used both in private practice and on the federal level. Though it is a relatively new trend, it is considered to be among the most efficient ones.

There are several benefits of solar energy. First, there is no emitting of hazardous wastes, i.e. energy production is absolutely environmental friendly. Second, a solar panel can be installed in almost any place which is extremely important if a forestry, a research group, a country house or other buildings are situated far from civilization and cannot be provided with electricity.

Engineering development and equipment selection is a task for professionals. Trust the choice of solar panels to the professionals of Sorokoput, and the customer demands, ranging from private houses to big organizations, will be fully satisfied.

 Wind energy

 Wind energy is one of the most popular alternative methods for production of electricity, mechanical and thermal energy. Its specifics consist in energy being efficiently produced by blades being moved by air flows.