Renewable Energy Sources

Stand-alone power systems, and other equipment based on solar, water and wind energy

Monitoring and surveillance

Ranging from remote cameras to autonomous online broadcasting

Communication Systems

Technological solutions and equipment for stable wireless communications

Unmanned Air Vehicles

For aerial territory monitoring and other aims

Completed projects

We have installed a solar-wind power systemwith the capacity of 3kW at weather station ‘Dzhuga’. The energy system is accompanied by solar panels Sunspare with the total capacity of 2.4kW and wind turbine Maglev with the capacity of 0.6kW.

The supply system is the medium-sized module system of our exclusive production ‘Cordon-3000’. This system is constructed on the basis of components of Outback Power Systems, the leading manufacturer of power electronics for RES-based systems. Unlike in smaller systems, all elements are controlled by the central control unit which also monitors the battery charge/discharge. It allows to have a quick control of the batteries charge level and avoid excessive charging. The system is equipped with an LCD display, if necessary the central unit can be connected with the generator remote start system.

The charge control device is an MPPT controller, it allows to generate energy even at sunrise and sunset which provides up to 30% extra energy in comparison to other controllers. The system is also equipped with protection tripping units placed on special circuit-breaker panels. If it is needed the system can be scaled to raise its capacity without major expenses.

The system uses solar panels SunSpare with the capacity of 200W and supply voltage of 24V. Thesystemissequential-parallel, 4 lines 3 batteries each, with the input voltage of up to 130V. As the consuming devices are particular about the alternate current quality, the system is equipped with a sine invertor. The solar panels are mounted on a quality MitedMrack, its base is fixed on a concrete foundation. The distance between the rack and the energy system is 100 meters.

To transform wind energy the system uses Magley wind turbine with the power of 0.6kW. The wind operation speed is 2-15 mps, maximum wind speed – 65 mps. The blades are made of aluminum. The automatic shutdown system is installed into the turbine charge controller. System starting and shutdown is performed directly from the building. The wind turbine is situated in 300m away from the building whether the energy system is located.

The energy is stored in Sonnenschein accumulator batteries designed especially for stand-alone power systems based on renewable energy resources.

TAt least 1200 digit cycles of 60% guaranteed (minimum 3 years of every day service under extreme conditions). The normal durability is up to 8 years.


Nominal power

3000 W

Output voltage

220 V

Accumulator voltage

48 V

Accumulator capacity

370 Ah

Solar battery power

2400 W

Solar battery voltage

48 – 130 V

Daily power output

up to 28 kWh

Recommended daily power consumption

up to 7 kWh


1600 kg

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Cabling to the wind turbine

Sorokoput specialist adjusts the settings for ‘Cordon-3000’ energy system.