Renewable Energy Sources

Stand-alone power systems, and other equipment based on solar, water and wind energy

Monitoring and surveillance

Ranging from remote cameras to autonomous online broadcasting

Communication Systems

Technological solutions and equipment for stable wireless communications

Unmanned Air Vehicles

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Completed projects

Solar energy system ‘Cordon-200’ has been installed in Krasnoyarsk Region at cordon Synzhul of state nature reserve ‘Stolby’.

Energy system ‘Cordon-200’ was developed by Sorokoput especially for severe service conditions at facilities without electricity supply. ‘Cordon-200’ is extremely easy to use and maintain. The energy system capacity is enough for a refrigerator, television, computer and many other electric appliances.

Cordon-200 mainbenefits:

  1. Moduleconstructionwhichallowsprovidingthelaunch, maintenanceandconservationwithoutrecruitingexpensivespecialists.
  2. Smart monitoring system which guarantees accumulator charge accuracy and preservation. Unlike similar energy systems, it measures not the voltage, but the real accumulator capacity. The system is also equipped with an inbuilt function of automatic reserve generator launch when the accumulators discharge below the accepted level.
  3. Inbuilt input for a reserve generator and an insertion switch for consumers. Provides less wiring and commutation on one electric service panel.
  4. Inbuilt 4-stage accumulator charger which turns on automatically after the launch of reserve generator.
  5. Full set of circuit protection both for direct and alternate current, including a separated protection for solar batteries, accumulators and invertor circuits.
  6. Autonomous accumulator charge function. A special consumer switch situated on the system outer panel. Provides a safe battery charge without human control and presence and protects them from discharge, even via the inverter in the sleep mode. Unlike in similar energy systems, you won’t have to open the main power plant block to make sure all consumers are turned off.
  7. MPPT charge controller producing 30% more energy than standard controllers thanks to sequential circuit and higher input voltage at dawn and sunset.
  8. Foreign production sine inverter with the nominal power of 1000W which can provide stable work for any exacting appliance. It is equipped with inbuilt system of protection against overvoltage, overheat and short circuit. Minimal intrinsic current and average efficiency output of 93%.
  9. Full set of connecting cables and connectors designed for easy system mounting on any facility. Accumulator cable length – 2m, solar batteries cable length – 30m.
  10. Best accumulator batteries of German production, developed especially for stand-alone power systems based on solar energy. At least 1200 digit cycles of 60% guaranteed (minimum 3 years of every day service under extreme conditions). The normal durability is up to 8 years.
  11. The system is packed with a reliable rack for accumulator batteries.


 Nominal power

1000 W

 Output voltage

220 V

Accumulator voltage

24 V

Accumulator capacity

185 Ah

Solar battery power

1000 W

Solar battery voltage

42-74В V

Daily power output

up to 6 kWh

Maximum daily power consumption

up to 3,5 kWh


280 kg