Renewable Energy Sources

Stand-alone power systems, and other equipment based on solar, water and wind energy

Monitoring and surveillance

Ranging from remote cameras to autonomous online broadcasting

Communication Systems

Technological solutions and equipment for stable wireless communications

Unmanned Air Vehicles

For aerial territory monitoring and other aims


Sorokoput CEO Roman Korchigin has had a talk to Russian Geographical Society reporters about the use of unmanned air vehicles on special protected areas. More and more modern technologies are being used by nature reserves: remote and inspector cameras, renewable energy resources power systems etc, and soon poachers and rare animal species will be tracked by unmanned air vehicles.

There are lots of problems on protected areas UAVs can successfully solve. Firstofallit’sofcourseterritory patrolling. UAVs are noiseless and they can fly low enough to take pictures and video of poachers, their boats and cars. In pictures taken by UAVs car traces on the snow or road, unsanctioned harvesting, landfills etc can be easily distinguished.

UAVs can also be used to monitor and count animal species. In needs to be done systematically on protected areas for the scientists to control the species population. The third task UAVs can perform is fire monitoring. UAVs can record the firing point positioning data which helps to locate and suppress a fire most quickly.

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