Renewable Energy Sources

Stand-alone power systems, and other equipment based on solar, water and wind energy

Monitoring and surveillance

Ranging from remote cameras to autonomous online broadcasting

Communication Systems

Technological solutions and equipment for stable wireless communications

Unmanned Air Vehicles

For aerial territory monitoring and other aims


Sorokoput technical director Alexander Lavrenov answered journalists’ questions at the press conference in Russian Geographical Society:
As all over Russia nature reserves mostly use devices manufactures abroad. Itmightbenotreallyright, butmostfeasible under the current conditions. But still there are special and really unique appliances – e.g. beluga whale collars are produced only in Russia. I’d like to emphasize that for nature protection society it’s most important not to make use of certain technologies, but to consolidate the experience of how to use them. It is also essential to have specialists able to take the data off such appliances. Luckily we do have such people. Moreover, recently we have been seeing a steady growth of cooperation and networking within the system of special protected nature areas. There has recently been a leap in understanding of how important technologies are for nature conservation. And if only 3% of nature reserves use renewable energy resources, we can say that modern technology monitoring is much more popular. And last but not the least social networking is largely important. If 3 years ago we could say everything was rather poor, then now most of nature reserves do have very decent and informative websites.

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