Renewable Energy Sources

Stand-alone power systems, and other equipment based on solar, water and wind energy

Monitoring and surveillance

Ranging from remote cameras to autonomous online broadcasting

Communication Systems

Technological solutions and equipment for stable wireless communications

Unmanned Air Vehicles

For aerial territory monitoring and other aims


AllRussiaconferenceofnaturereserve and national park management has taken place in the Republic of Khakssia. The conference has been attended by directors of special protected nature areas and their deputies, environmental organizations representatives and various specialists in the adjacent areas. The conference was headed by the minister of natural resources and ecology of the Russian Federation Sergey Donskoy.

Duringtheconferencealsotookplaceseveralexhibitions devoted to protected nature areas, their history and development, and also to modern technologies used for nature protection. Sorokoput was one of the partners of the exhibition and provided samples of stand-alone power systems, remote cameras, unmanned air vehicles, navigation equipment and also assisted in the exhibition preparation and arrangement.

Sorokoput CEO Roman Korchigin presented an analytical review of the protected areas websites. Its aim was to help nature reserves and national parks staff succeed in construction of decent and informative websites.

Sorokoput technical director Alexander Lavrenov delivered a speech on the use of modern technologies for nature protection. He has been taking part in such conferences for many years helping the nature reserves teams gain insight into the technological intricacies.

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